I wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job on my house architectural drawings. Please feel free to use the following as a testimonial for your work.

In 2008 I was looking for someone to put together my drawings for a second garage and an addition to the front of my house. I interviewed about 6 people including Jeannie whom I got off of Craigslist. I was initially impressed by her responsiveness in getting me the bid, her willingness to come out and look at my project immediately and her price. I was further impressed after hiring her at how quickly she was able to get me draft documents to review and how available she made herself to come over and review them with my wife and myself. Her attitude of getting the job done quickly without worrying about getting extra money for every minor change quickly was apparent. Furthermore she consistently back checked all her design considerations against city code with the city to make sure that I wouldn't get in trouble down the road. She was able to prepare and deliver full sets of documents in the time that I would only have expected to do a first draft with other firms.

To sum it all up, I would highly recommend her and will continue to use her on future projects. Her ability to quickly do whatever needs to be done without quibbling about change orders or extra charges have made her the best and least expensive architect I have used.

Andrew Kamin
Los Altos Hills