Aiassa Designers; unique, dependable, great quality with low competitive prices.

Building on 10 years of professional experience in Residential Design and Interior Design. Jeannie Aiassa founded the firm with the goal of providing outstanding service for a wide range of client needs. Combining a passion for high quality design with practical knowledge of construction, Aiassa Designers delivers both form and function with projects that respect their surroundings and serve their users.

We create blueprints for every lifestyle and culture. We design; As Builds, Remodels, Additions, Custom Homes, Burn Homes and Red Tagged Homes. Aiassa Designers is where you would begin. We are the starting process to obtain your building permits so that you can build your home the way you want things.

As Builds; are used for the early stages of any project to your home. Also if you want to list your home for sale, and would like to show people the floor plan layout.

Remodel; from removing one wall, adding an interior wall, changing the direction of the garage and drive approach. Remodels are anything within the existing exterior walls.

Additions; for home owners wanting more room. For what ever reason you want more room, we help you maximize and get the most out of your space.

Custom Homes; if you have empty land and want to put your own custom home on it, or you just bought an older home that you want to demolish and build a whole new home.

Burn Homes; are a tragedy to everyone. We help you in restarting your life. We help you on the road to your new home.

Red Tagged; for anyone that the city says to stop work because you don't have a plan nor permit for the work you did. We help you with how you built it, verses what needs to be done.

Our team of professionals consists of;
CADD Designer/Owner; Jeannie Aiassa
Civil Engineer specializing in Structural Engineering; Scott Cibotti, P.E., CEE Lic. #C62912
Soils Engineer; Liiban Affi, Lic. R.C.E. #73300
Architect; David Giannella Lic. #C31293

Together we will prefect the blueprints to your new home.
In our sets of plans, you could expect some of if not all of;
Site Plan, Existing and New Floor Plans, Existing and New Elevations, New Electrical Plans, Existing to New Roof Plans, Sections, Title 24 Calcs.
Calcs, Foundation Plan, Floor and Ceiling Framing, Shear Wall Plan, Roof Framing, Connection Details.
    Soils Reports:
Ensures the land is suitable to support your home

"If You Can Dream It, We Can Design It!"

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